Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sorry two months straight. I just can't handle it.

Well, hi! This just a small update for me. So based on what I wrote in the last post, I promised myself to practising vegan (lacto-ovo) for two months straight. But guess what, I can't handle it. Lol. Which I only did it for about a month and two weeks. (The next days, till now, I still continue vegan but sometimes --in two or day later-- I ate some meat.)

I admit that it's not that easy to become a vegan for two months straight. Because there are several problem or obstacles that I should face, which are:

1. Boredom:
This is so meh, where I had to go to lunch with friends at the office, I only eat some vegetables, while my they're eating tasty foods. You know what I mean. Meats. I don't mean to say that vegetables aren't good. I only don't have options, means I have to prepare myself next time.

2. Put fruits on the list:
Well, basically I have a friend who's a fully vegan. She totally never eats any kind of food that produced from a living thing (animal products), probably for years. She only eats things that come from 100% vegetables. I had a little discussion with her about being a vegan sometimes (asking her about some quick suggestion, about what to eat, drink, etc). One thing I forgot is, she also eats fruits while I don't. Then, should put it on the list.

3. Mama has to know this:
Well, I still live with my highest commander. My mom. She's the big chef. But you know, if you want to commit yourself to become a vegan, while you're still living with someone (parents) who also takes in charge in the kitchen, you should let them know. Too bad, I didn't. Always forgot to tell my mom that I try to not to eat meat.

But I just don't give up, there is still more time ahead for me to try again. So for now, I will still enjoy some meat till the next May. This time I won't commit myself to do it for two months straight. But, let's see. Haha. Bye!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#YukBelajarVegan | Two Month Straight. Can I?

Okay, this is just an update actually where today was my first day to start doing vegan again. (It's not a diet. I just want to stop eating meat and its friends. But so far I choose to start as Vegan Lacto-Ovo. A kind of veg who still eats some dairy products, such as egg, milk, cheese, and some of them (still learning to reduce it).

Anyway, I haven't eaten any kind of meat since the first week of November 2016. Then I just got a break at first week of December 2016, then continue to be a vegan again until that last first week of February 2017. Then basically, I had two months being a vegan, but didn't do it straight. That's why start this day, I'll try to do this two months straight.

Then, what effects that will occur to me for next two month? Well, let's see. Will report you the updates. Enjoy!

Nb: Jangan pake kaldu ayam sama kecap ikannya. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Reviving My Dead Macbook Air

Well, it actually started with an accident that I unintenionally (of course lha) spilled some water (my friend said that it was lot) over the keyboard of my office's macbook (A 2014 retina macbook pro and fuck I didn't backup all the data to my hd. All portos are gone. Shit man). Then, it just dead. Nothing I can do with it, neither the IT guys. They said that they had put the laptop to iBox, but the repair cost is same as buying a new one. The bad thing is, they don't have any spare or backup laptop for me to work. And the office just didn't give a fuck about the situation happened to me (well, luckily they don't ask me to pay the damages that I made). So, yes, I need to buy a new laptop or I can't work at all (As far I remembered, I don't use a laptop for almost two weeks).

Several days later, some IT guys offered me a second-hand macbook. It was a Macbook Air 11", early 2014. It was Rp 8.000.000 (around $600), but finally bought it for Rp 6.700.000 (around $502). Well, it actually a total worth for me. At least I don't have to spend more to get the new one. And it still looks like a new, with some dents. But that's okay for me. You know, it's an Apple. 

Actually, I'm a person that kinda hate with Apple products. You know, it cost you more and more. Like, you have to pay $1000 to change your broken keyboard button. But (I know this gonna sounds stupid), I believe that the Apple products, especially Mac, can add you a point for your handsomeness. Then, when someone tries to sell his Mac with a cheap price, don't just sit in your couch. Buy it! At least you can sell it with higher price somewhere. 

+1 Coolness | +1 Handsomeness 


Since I bought the Mac, I'm using it very well for writings, googling, watching youtube, playing Football Manager (2016), even playing DOTA 2. But I don't realise that actually it was an abuse (even a machine needs some rest). Then someday (like 5-6 month later), it meets its breaking point. The screen suddenly turned off and I smelled some kind of burning plastic from the inside. And it won't show any reaction when I press the power button. It quite stressed me up. But fortunately, I've got new Mac from the office. Then, no need to worry about it. But still, what should I do for it?

Like I said before, Apple products are costs you more. Once it broken, you're done. And all the repair vendor will say same words to you "The logic board is broken. We can't do anything. Unless you want it to be changed. It will cost you about Rp 7 - 9 mio." I had to go to several places, back and forth, to find some place that can repair my Mac. But no one can do it. They only suggest me to buy a new Mac. Fuck. (Like it's already cost me money and energy).

They said that there's one particular chipset (Some of them mention the display circuits (that being burned due to overcharged and overused. I'm pretty sure that it was because of DOTA 2 (lol). They can't change the circuits, where it needs to change the whole circuits. So it means I have to change the logic board, which totally expensive. 

But thank god, I've found a repair vendor (It's not iBox) located at Central Jakarta (Mangga Dua) that can (in cannibal way. Kinda hard to explain it in english) change the chipset. And it works. Even I only paid Rp 1.5 mio (around $75) and so far I don't have some complaints to my "revived" Macbook air. I'm using it well now, uninstalled the Football Manager, and DOTA 2 of course. Then use it properly. :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Late For Saying Hi. But Fuck It.

I know it's too late to say hi for 2017 from this blog. But well, fuck it lah.

Iya, gak kerasa terakhir sekitar beberapa bulan lalu gw ngepost lagi di blog ini. Tapi celakanya kemarin itu laptop gw yang biasa gw pake buat nulis sempat bermasalah. Alias, IC-nya ada yang kebakar. Jadi terpaksa kegiatan tulis menulis di sini jadi terbengkalai begitu aja. Begitu juga dengan rencana gw yang tadinya mau ngupdate soal #DemiKesehatan dan #YukBelajarVegan.

But, let me recap things that happened to me for couple months before.

My Mac Story
Yes, I have a Macbook Air. Early 2014, bought it as a second-hand stuff on around April or May I forgot from IT guy in my office. Used it for writing stuff, work, watching shits, and even I played DOTA 2 with this Mac (Right now I'm writing this post using the mac). I realised that I totally abused this thing until it reached its breaking point and evoked some kind smell of burning plastic from inside. Well, I'm gonna post a full story for this.

#DemiKesehatan x #YukBelajarVegan
Well, since the last post where I talked about doing vegan for a month, I actually did it very well. But sorry that I can't give some updates, so I will post a full story (another update) for this.

Yes, I have tumbler account now, where I post some of my writings. I called it "CERITA PENDEK BANGET" and you can see some of my posts (with my hand drawing for the illustration) at http://ceritapendekbanget.tumblr.com/

Thinking about creating a vlog
It's trending everywhere, especially in Indonesia where people can create anything interesting. But I don't know yet, what things I'm gonna do with it.

Yak, kira-kira sekian dulu aja basa-basinya untuk postingan kali ini. Tapi seneng juga bisa pakai mac gw yang akhirnya sembuh. Semoga aja ke depannya gak rusak-rusak lagi.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

#YukBelajarVegan | A Month Straight

Well, basically I just want to tell that I'm gonna to try to be a vegan for a month straight. Recently, last month, I had successfully to not to eat any kind of meat for a week, then for 2 weeks, and 2 weeks and a half. What a kinda good progress for me, I think. So far, being a vegan is giving me quite good effect for my body. The obvious thing that I can feel is, I able to command myself for eating regularly. That's why it came to my mind, that "why I'm not to try it for a month?" Well, am doing it now. So far, it's gonna be my 3rd day. Cheers!

(Anyway, last week I came back to eat meat again for a week).

Sunday, October 2, 2016

1 Week With Meat | #YukBelajarVegan

Well, dari judulnya keliatan kalo selama seminggu kemarin, setelah gw berhasil seminggu (seminggu sebelumnya) nggak makan daging, alias vegan. Yah, seperti hidup-hidup biasanya makan daging enak banget. Bisa ketemu lagi sama yang namanya Rendang. One of my favourite food in my whole entire life, so far.

Tapi, sebetulnya gw sempet nge-vegan selama dua hari secara nggak disengaja. Kalo gak salah itu hari Senin sama Rabu kemarin (liat tanggalan based on this blog aja buat tau kapan pastinya). Lumayanlah paling nggak, selama dua hari nge-vegan itu gw cuma makan bihun, sayur2an, sama pecel madiun gitu. Bener-bener sayur-sayuran.

Nah, barusan aja gw abis ngelahap dua ayam KFC, yang mana itu gw jadikan tanda sebagai perpisahan gw untuk nge-vegan lagi. Tapi sayangnya gw gak bakal ngelakuin ini selama seminggu. Kayanya, gw perkirakan, cuma bakal beberapa hari ke depan aja (terhitung hari Minggu ini). Kenapa? Ntar aja lah gw ceritain di post berikut.

Well, let's see. Apakah gw kuat tanpa daging lagi hari ini?

Namanya Matt Skiba, doi ini frontman band punk keren bernama Alkaline Trio. Sekarang lagi jadi gitarisnya Blink 182. Gak nyangka, ternyata doi vegan juga.

Monday, September 26, 2016

#YukBelajarVegan Ep 7 | #DemiKesehatan

Well, finally gw bisa menyelesaikan seminggu menjadi vegetarian. Di mana gw berhasil kuat untuk nggak makan apa itu yang namanya daging. Lumayan bangga juga sih, karena gw bisa ngejalanin komitmen gw. Walau targetnya cuma seminggu aja sih.

So, sebelum gw lanjut bercerita mungkin gw bisa update apa-apa aja yang udah gw makan hari ini.
1. Ngemil Krupuk
Jadi sebetulnya Minggu tadi sepupu gw abis ngadain acara akikahan buat anaknya. Nah, kebetulan hari ini pun gw ke sana. Tau kan, makanan apa yang dihidangin di sini kalo lagi ada acara akikahan? Kambing. Nah, berhubung gw lagi masih ngejalanin #YukBelajarVegan ini, maka gw ogah makan kambing. Lagipula gw gak suka makan kambing juga sih. Ha. Nah, dari siang sampe sore cuma ngemil krupuk aja sih.

2. Indomi (bad)
Karena hari ini Jakarta sedang dilanda hujan, jadi pergerakan untuk jajan atau pergi ke satu sempat untuk nyari makan terbilang agak susah (mager). Alhasil, menu yang paing feasible untuk disantap adalah Indomi.

Waktu berjalan, gak kerasa udah jam 12 malem dan menandakan bahwa gw sukses melewati seminggu tanpa daging. Yay. Untuk merayakannya, gw langsung makan ayam tumis tadi di rumah. Lol.

Oke, kesimpulannya, apa yang gw rasakan ketika seminggu gw gak makan daging? Basically and overall, kayanya belom berasa banget sih. Tapi satu hal yang menurut gw ada efeknya kalo vegan. Nafsu makan gw berkurang, di mana gw sehari cuma bisa makan 2 kali maksimal 3 kali. (Walau berat badan gw masih belum berkurang sih.)

Tapi lumayanlah, seenggaknya gw berhasil menyelesaikan apa yang udah gw mulai terhitung sejak 7 hari silam. Jadi kira-kira apa langkah selanjutnya? Well, gw bakal update lagi di postingan #YukBelajarVegan lainnya.